You Must Read This Before Considering Botox treatments.

Originally developed as a therapeutic treatment for migraines, Botox is increasingly popular for treating wrinkles. Most people have heard of Botox as a ‘beauty treatment’. Many people are quick to jump to a defensive stance, that of ‘women should age gracefully’. However, more and more women, (and men) are lining up to have the procedure done.

How does Botox work?

Botox works by ‘freezing’ the muscles that move and cause wrinkles to appear. I don’t mean freeze as in ice, I mean freeze as in “when the music stops, act like a statute”. Botox interferes with the signals that travel between your brain and the muscle where the injection was given. By interfering with this signal, the muscle no longer contracts. This is what gives some Botox recipients that surprised look. They may have had too many injections over to wide of an area and it has caused all of the muscles in the area to become rigid and unresponsive when they laugh, cry, squint or get angry. If you don’t get it done be a professional, you can end up looking perpetually surprised, not just wrinkle free.

How much do you need?

The Eternal Youth Clinic and provides Botox Treatments in Cheshire. At the Eternal Youth Clinic, they have experience performing thousands of cosmetic procedures. Lead physician, Dr. Cronin has specialized in cosmetic surgery for many years and has consulted with many famous faces.

When emphasizing the importance of treating each patient as an individual. The dosage one client may require is likely to be very different to the next patient. To get a ‘natural look’ they advise getting fewer injections more often. Botox isn’t a quick fix that you get once and it lasts forever, you need to go back for repeat treatments.

In the early days, when physicians were still ironing out the wrinkles – pun intended– they would use more of the Botox serum in a single treatment. When I say a single treatment, it is actually a series of injections in a particular area. Say you are getting your frown lines between your eyebrows done, you may end up having 10 or 12 small injections to the area. So, in the early days, each of those injections may have had a heavier dose to completely immobilize the area and eliminate lines.

These days you still get your dozen or so injections, but each has a lower dose of Botox. It will wear off a little sooner, but it won’t leave you looking like a surprised sideshow clown either.

How often do you need to get treated?

Depending on the area you have treated and the type of Botox that is used, (yes there is more than one type), you will need to go back for another treatment every 3 to 6 months.

After getting a treatment, you can go back about your day pretty much business as usual. You should avoid staying out in harsh sunlight or using any products with active ingredients on your face for a couple of days. Apart from that, you are free to do most things you would normally do. You can go back to work, pick the kids up from school and go out for a date with your spouse. Just avoid any heavy lifting with your eyebrows.

As mentioned at the beginning, Botox was originally developed as a treatment for migraines. It is still used for this purpose today. Botox can also be an effective treatment for overactive sweat glands too.

How long does it take?

Treatments are fairly quick, with most of your consultation being taken up by talking to your physician about what you want to have done, and the results you expect to see. The injection part doesn’t take too much time at all. In comparison, it’s like going to the dentist on your lunch break. You can be in and out of your appointment in well under an hour.

Does it hurt?

The short answer is yes, but it’s not unbearable. If you’ve ever had an injection at the dentist, or an immunization, it feels a little like that. The only difference being that the Botox injections are shallower and quicker. By the time you walk out of the office you’ll have forgotten the little stings altogether.