What Are the Benefits of Using a Relaxation Mask?

Although they have been around for years, sleep masks are becoming trendy and popular in 2018. You will hear them called eye masks, sleep masks, night masks or relaxation masks, but they all do the same job. But what are they and are they worth investing in.

What Is a Relaxation Mask?

There are many types of mask and they can be made from a variety of material but they are all designed to block out the light. The material covers your eyes and is secured by a strap or Velcro fastening. Some are soft and lie on your face, whilst others are fairly rigid against your face.

The idea behind using a mask is that you will sleep better if you are in total darkness. Humans used to go to sleep in the dark and get up in the light. However, we no longer do this so we spend time trying to sleep against our human ‘programming’. This is why so many people have trouble not only going to sleep but staying asleep. A mask will not only help you sleep but will also help your quality of sleep. When you sleep, you will sleep deeper and therefore better.

Which Sleep Mask Should You Choose?

Masks come in different types, shapes, sizes and materials. They can be made from memory foam, or soft materials like silk, satin, or cotton. Some are even made out of plastic. Many have aromatherapy added to the mask so have herbs or oils added. Some even have beads for added massaging effects. You can also get warm or cool eye masks for additional benefits. If you are looking for advice, this site has great advice on the benefits of relaxation masks and guides to help you choose the right one.

Masks Improve Sleep.

If you have trouble going to sleep, or staying asleep, then you have nothing to lose by trying a sleep mask.  When you sleep in total darkness, you sleep better and deeper. This is why blackout curtains are so popular in bedrooms. However, if you can’t afford blackout curtains or don’t think you would be able to fit them, a mask is an economical alternative.

Not only is a mask cheaper than curtains, but you have the added benefit that you can use it in any room, in addition to your own bedroom. They are also great if you sleep with someone who wants to stay awake reading when you want to sleep.

Masks Are Great for Shift Workers.

If you work nights, there is nothing worse than trying to sleep when it is sunny outside. You want to sleep but your body wants to be up and outside. With a sleep mask, you can sleep in total darkness even if the sun is streaming through your curtains.

A Mask Can Encourage Relaxation.

Whether you want to actually sleep, or just want to relax and unwind, a sleep mask will promote relaxation. Some masks even come with aids to relieve stress like herbs or beads that give a massage effect around your eyes.Many people who practice meditation, find using a sleep mask to be very beneficial as it helps them to turn off their mind. Additionally, studies have found that an aromatherapy eye mask helps people become less stressed by balancing their nervous system. If you use a cooling eye mask, you can rest for 20 minutes and feel as though you have had a good night’s sleep.

You will also have more energy and be less stressed after the good night’s sleep you will get from using a sleep mask.

Masks Provide Pain Relief.

If you suffer from bad headaches or even migraines, you know the additional pain you get from being in the light. A sleep mask can minimise your symptoms just by blocking out the light. You can even get some that you can keep in the freezer. The cold mask will not only reduce pain but can also soothe tired eyes.

Masks Enable Sleep While You Travel.

Some airlines give out sleep masks to their passengers. That is because a sleep mask is a great accessory to have when you travel. Whether it be by air or other means, using an eye mask will enable you to go to sleep, and stay asleep, when travelling. They are so small and light that you won’t even notice that you have one in your hand luggage.

Some Masks Reduce Wrinkles.

You may have heard about the benefits to your skin from sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Well, you get those same benefits from using a silk sleep mask. A silk eye mask can help you to prevent wrinkles and reduce dark circles and puffy eyes. You can also buy masks that come with a gel insert which you can use warm or cold. A cold insert will reduce any eye puffiness and will also soothe tired eyes.

Although you may think you don’t need to invest in a relaxation mask, you can see that there are many benefits. They are not just for sleep either but can be used for meditation or general relaxation. There are also many choices too, but just remember that the best relaxation mask is one that you actually like, and will use. Sleep is important to your general well-being so you owe it to yourself to sleep the best that you can. Sleep longer, and better, with a relaxation mask.