Want to Get Noticed on Instagram? Here’s How

Want to Get Noticed on Instagram

Everyone is clamoring for attention on Instagram. And, it is easy to understand why this is the case. After all, the platform is now hitting close to one billion active users every month. Do you know what this means? Well, it implies that it is getting harder and harder to get on noticed on Instagram. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to go the extra mile to draw the attention of potential followers. Here’s how.

Use a Bot

Yes, these still work. You only need to be more cautious with how you use them. The best way to handle botting without putting your account at risk is to use a reputable service. Pixel Bin offers a comprehensive guide on which bots you should use and the reasons. Be sure to visit the website to discover the best Instagram bots and what makes them excellent choices.

Use your Best Photos

See, Instagram is all about displaying your best images whether you are a model or a business trying to market its products. And, do you know how you can stand out when pitted against your competition? You guessed it right – by using your best images. The long and short of it is that the more attractive your pictures are, the higher the likelihood of getting noticed.

Know your Target Audience

You have to know who it is that you want to follow you – and this is where most Instagrammers go wrong. If you’re a graphic designer, posting cute photos of yourself will not attract the right crowd. Sure you will get a couple of admirers, and that’s it.

If you want to put some money in your wallet with Instagram, be sure to target the right audience. So, in this case, showcase your best artwork to enable potential customers to see what you can do.

Be Unique

There is a trend that is catching pace on Instagram where everyone wants to be a copycat of someone else. Listen, you won’t get as many followers as that Justin musician if you’re trying to be like him. Okay, if you’re lucky enough, you might attract a few girls here and there, but that will not help grow your brand.

So, pick a unique theme that separates you from everyone else. The idea is to stand out. Of course, you want people to associate you with a specific character every time your name comes up.

The Bottom Line

The numbers keep rising on Instagram. And, soon they will be through the roof, making this one of the best social media platforms around. So, hop onto the bandwagon now before it gets too late.  And when you are there, figure out how to outperform everyone else.

Also, don’t forget to have a solid plan on what to do with your followers once they start to stream in. You can, for instance, use your numbers to become a product ambassador. In other words, learn how to make money with Instagram as opposed to just posting beautiful images.