Requirements for Establishing a Successful Aquarium

Owning an aquarium is a lovely hobby to follow and enjoy. However, you have to understand the requirements in order to be successful at this pastime. Let us look at a checklist to determine the requirements of setting up an aquarium.


You need the right aquarium size and to identify the right location for the aquarium. Choose from the different types of aquariums including acrylic or glass, some that are detailed on Come Into The Water. You might also require the tank to sit on a stand. If you need a custom-made tank, communicate your specifications to the seller.


You need to add a layer of substrate to the bottom of the tank. Choose between gravel, live sand, stones or coral sand. Each of these substrates comes in different types and colors.


You need filter to keep the water clean. You need to consider the size of the tank before getting the filter. There are different types and sizes to choose from. These come as mechanical, biological or chemical filters. You can as well choose the location of the filters in the aquarium.


This is optional. If you decide to have one, choose between having a single color or a graphic background. You can buy a background and tape it to the back of your tank. You can come up with your own design or adopt an existing one.


You need to maintain an even temperature for your tank. To do this, you need a submersible heater. Know the wattage you need and what type of heater is right for the job.


You need to monitor the temperature of the water at all times. Choose the right thermometer with the ideal markings for your aquarium.

Lighting Options

The type of aquarium you plan on purchasing dictates the type of lights you need. Freshwater fish need different lighting as compared to saltwater fish. Determine the type of lights you need and how many watts you need for the perfect heating.

Testing Kit

You need to test for acidity or alkalinity of the water regularly. You also need to know whether the water contains harmful chemicals and in what amounts. Find the right testing kit that reacts appropriately to the chemicals.

You also need chemicals to neutralize any aquarium chemicals that might crop up. Understand what risks these chemicals pose to the fish and what amounts you need to neutralize them. Additionally, you need to know how long it takes the chemicals to neutralize the threat.


You need fish in the tank. Understand the kinds of fish you are going with and whether they are compatible with each other or not. Know the size of the tank and determine how many fish the tank can hold without affecting the ecosystem. Do you also need aquatic animals that clean the tank?

You also need to determine the type of food the fish will feed on and the amount you need per day. Additionally, know the parameters you need to keep the fish alive and healthy.


These are just a few things that you need or have in place in order to establish and maintain a successful home aquarium. This is not definitive; you might need other requirements to fulfil your desire for a home aquarium. Always do your research ahead of time and ask the store expert any questions so that you get all you need.