Insider Secrets to Smell Good the Whole Day

You all know about that friend who always smells amazing no matter the time of day. Well, you must have tried to use different perfumes to no avail, because there are some secrets to why they smell good the whole day, and today we are going to sniff out these secrets.

They Choose a More Potent Scent

Until now, you must be aware that not all scents are created equal; there are some that are more potent than others. Some scents dissipate off quickly, while others have the capacity to linger more.

Scents that are made of citrus dissipate off fast, while those that are made of wood and spice notes linger for longer. Therefore, if you are after a scent that lasts longer, then opt for these fragrances. You can browse this site to get a scent that suits your needs.

Know Where to Apply the Scent

The obvious places are the wrists and the elbow joint, but you need to go beyond this. Apply a little of the scent to more concealed areas of the body such as the chest and the stomach. You can also apply the spray behind the ears and the knees. The heat of the body helps to bring out the base, middle and top notes of the scent.

Don’t Rub It In

Many women have the uncanny habit of rubbing in the perfume with the hope that it will spread across the body faster. This is wrong because rubbing the spray breaks the top notes, which leaves you with only the base and middle ones, which wear off quickly.

Know the Right Time to Apply the Scent

The best time to apply the scent is right after you shower, when the skin is slightly damp. This extra moisture helps to lock in the scent and prevents it from quickly fading.

The moisture on the skin gives the scent something to hold on to so it can last longer. This is why you find that you smell nice in the morning when leaving for work, but this changes as the day drags on.

On this note, you need to make sure you moisturize the skin before you apply the perfume. As the skin dries, it tends to absorb the scent, which makes it fade away much faster. Moisturizing your skin gives the perfume something that it can adhere to, so that it lasts longer.

Proper Storage

Exposing the scent to heat and humid air breaks down the molecules of scent in the perfume. Therefore, avoid keeping the perfume bottles in your bathroom and instead store them in dry, cool areas of the home. A good place is the top of your dresser.

Know When to Reapply

You need to know what time to reapply the scent so that it lasts longer. You need to know that your skin is a living organ and that it will not hold to the scent for very long periods. You need to have a small bottle of scent with you for a refresh each time you feel like the scent has faded.

For reapplying the perfume, choose a roller ball version of the major scent. This is easy to apply and is small enough to slip into the bag without having to remove some items.

Layer Up

If your favourite fragrance also comes with body powder or a scented lotion, you might want to consider starting with a layer of perfume on top of the lotion each day. This makes the scent last longer than before.

Invest in Hair Perfume

Many people focus on the skin and forget about the hair when it comes to smelling awesome. Most of the normal perfumes contain alcohol, which can dry out the hair; you need to go for alcohol-free perfumes for your hair so that you freshen up after a workout or before a date.

In Closing

Smelling great the whole day long requires very little effort on your part, but the results leave you feeling amazing. All you need to do is make sure to choose the right kind of perfume and know how and when to apply it so that you enjoy the compliments. You can also choose a portable version of the perfume for freshening up.