How to Correct Dropping Levels of Engagement on Instagram

If you have used Instagram analytics recently, you realize that you aren’t receiving as many comments and likes as before, say, a year ago. The Instagram algorithm was initially chronological, but it has been adjusted of recent to algorithmic, which is why the engagement rates have tanked.

However, whatever happens, you need to stay at the top of the pyramid when it comes to engagement levels. Let us look at the various ways to make the algorithm work in your favour.

Invest In High Quality

Quality reigns supreme on all social media platforms, but it is more relevant on Instagram. So, if you have issues with images, then invest in a quality camera or hire a photographer. This makes it possible to get the right images that will boost engagement on your posts.

If you cannot work with images, then go for videos. Videos grab the attention of followers faster than images do. Instagram has put videos on auto-play, which gives you leverage over those that are browsing your feed.

Use Stories Frequently

If you have been using Instagram Stories once in a while, it is time to add the pace. Try and use this feature at least once a week so that you can expand your engagement to other areas. Instagram Stories offer you a wide variety of ways to engage with your followers, including the poll feature. The algorithm is looking at how you use this feature and will reward you according to what you do. Remember the more the engagement you receive on the Stories, the more likely your posts show up in the news feed.

Hold a Contest

If you have been on Facebook long enough, you know the impact that a contest has on user engagement. Users love to contest against each other and win something. The mere act of being superior in one way or another drives more and more people to do what you want to take the mantle.

Come up with contests once in a while. With contests, you create goodwill in the community, but most of all you increase your engagement rates.

Caption It!

Captions can suggest something or ask a question that followers have to answer. But don’t stop just at asking questions, but go ahead and respond to the questions from the users as well. Remember that the users stop engaging when they see that you have left the discussion.

With winning captions, you can also tell your audience what to do when they read the post. You can request them to repost the content, a process called Regramming. If you want them to tag their friends in the post, then spell it out in the caption.

Engaging captions make it easy for you to get more followers to your profile, make use of it!

Be a Repository of Information

Niches are rife with people trying to sell one thing or another; very few people try to offer information to the audience. With the right information, your users are empowered to make relevant decisions. What you need to do to get levels of engagement up is to offer information that no one else is providing. Doing this is the best ways to make sure your followers have what it takes to confront the other brands in the market.

You can use Instagram Stories to schedule these tips, or use an automation tool such as Robolike, which you can check out on The Small Business Blog.

Takeaway Tip

To stay at the top of the engagement pile, you need to try and jump on the trends. For instance, if you need to have better hashtags to survive, then let it be that way.