How Does the Future of Small Homes Like?

Yes, the future is all about downsizing. Sure, the McMansions may still be hot properties in the United States, but the housing market is shifting world over. Statistics indicate that the demand for smaller houses is rising steadily , and the trend is likely to remain the same for a decade or so.

Plus, the tiny house for the future will not only be smaller but also more functional. On top of that, it’ll be easier on the environment, and, of course, your wallet. How so? Well, here’s an overview of the changes that are quickly shaping the future of small homes.

Small Homes Will Be Smart

Hey! It’s happening! The future of smart homes is here. Who knew, a decade ago, for instance, that you could control your home’s light, thermostat and security systems from the palm of your hands via a smartphone? The tiny abodes of tomorrow, despite the size, will have a whole house generator that will allow you to live comfortably until the power comes back.

There will be hydroponic systems that will allow you to create a “farm” right inside your cooking space. Faucets will dispense ice while will laundry machines will clean and fold your clothes. How nice! Even then, when you buy smart living equipments online, you’ll need to make sure that their functionality is in line with the idea of making things easy for you and your household.

Prefabricated Homes will be Hot Properties

Really? Yes. See, prefab homes are cheaper (and quicker) to build in comparison to their traditional counterparts. And, when you look around, prefabricated houses are disrupting the industry already by offering pocket-friendly and architect designed homes. Even more impressive, the houses are efficient and resilient to extreme weather conditions.

Small Homes will Feel Like Spacious Apartments

How is that even possible? Tiny abodes of the future will use moving walls to enable you to transform furniture to create more space. The current scenario is that homeowners are looking for ways to optimize their small rooms by investing in multi-functional furniture.

Small apartments and condos of the future will have space-maximizing built-ins. The ripple effect is that you will be able to transform your space into a dining, living or bedroom in a breeze. You won’t have a problem converting it into a kitchen either.

Appliances will Have Surprising Space Saving Ability

Here’s the thing – while household appliances add convenience into your life, they’re also bulky space hogs. The situation right now is that The Internet of Things is changing how people live in their homes.  Due to the information available in the public domain (thanks to the internet), up to 60% of homeowners plan to buy a smart home gadget in the next couples of years. Besides, smart devices continue to evolve, making them a necessity for future homes.

The Bottom Line

With the skyrocketing cost of living, it makes perfect sense to consider owning a small home if for nothing else to save money on utility bills while providing your family a safe (and functional) place to live in.