How a Good Badge Should Look Like

Badges come in all sizes and shapes. But, how should a good one look like? Well, the features will vary depending on your needs. Even then, a standard job ID card or badge should have the following.

An Adjustable Lanyard

Of course, you need to hang the badge around your neck, right? So, ensure that the lanyard allows you to display your card in a position that will enable anyone to read what’s on display. At the very least, it should swivel around your neck. Besides, an adjustable lanyard means that anyone can hang the badge around their neck. Also, make sure that the cord has double ends.

Easy to Read Font

You don’t want people to struggle to read what’s on your card. So, you should choose a reasonable font that’s easy to understand. Again, you don’t want to make it too big to look awkward. Stick to a font size that is readable from a distance of two meters. And speaking of fonts, select one that can work with long names. In fact, the amount of information that you want to display on your card ultimately determine the font size to use.

A Job Title

Anyone who reads your badge should be able to tell what it is that you do in your organization. Of course, the card has to include your name, but that’s not enough. A brilliantly designed badge must consist of all the essential information that will help a person looking at it. By extension, this eliminates the need to introduce yourself every time a new client walks in your place of work. It also enables a person to tell if he or she is dealing with the right person immediately.

A Good Contrast

You’re better off with a multi-colored badge. To start with, multiple colors help make your job ID card look attractive. Most importantly, it allows you to highlight information using different colors. You only need to choose the pattern and the layout of the colors carefully. In other words, don’t use overly bright colors or ones that will overshadow the info on the badge. Whenever possible, stick to primary or warm colors.

Bar Codes

Consider including barcodes or QR codes in your cards. Think of these as security features to limit access to specific areas of your workplace. Barcodes also help eliminate the risk of employees going into restricted areas or offices they are not allowed to. Be sure to test your badges with a smartphone to ensure that they’re working you’d want them to.

The Bottom Line

Badges are an integral part of any business or organization. They help enhance security and by extension deter unauthorized persons to enter a building. When deciding the layout of your job card or badge, be sure to work together with a reliable design company to help you with the finer details. On that note, visit Easy ID Card to see how they can help you design new badges or cards that are in line with your needs and those of your business.