Cerebral Palsy as a Result of Birth Injury

Cerebral Palsy as a Result of Birth Injury

Cerebral palsy refers to a condition triggered by brain damage that occurs before, during and after birth. For most parents, the birth of their child is an exhilarating and cheerful experience. However, your joy might be short-lived because currently nearly 4 out of 100 babies end up suffering from birth-related injuries. Between 5,000 and 10,000 babies suffer from cerebral palsy each year.

The term cerebral palsy means weakness that is caused by damage to brain cells. The condition is as a result of damage to just not any brain cells, but those that control muscle movement. It can also cause difficulties with speech, vision, and hearing. The condition can cause mild to severe disabilities depending on the cause. Although this condition is chronic, it doesn’t proceed as time goes by. However, it has a huge impact on the life of your child as well as that of the family members. One of the causes of this common condition is negligence during the prenatal and birth period. Here are issues that can lead to negligence.

Delay of Delivery

If the doctor leaves the child in the birth canal longer than necessary, the child experiences deficiency of oxygen. Deprivation of oxygen can damage the brain cells of the child, increasing the risk of cerebral palsy. A medical professional must know when to deliver the baby and try several alternatives to save the child from developing this condition.

Ignoring Warning Signs

The baby might experience seizures immediately after delivery. When this happens, the doctor must diagnose the seizures and treat them before they cause injury to the brain cells. Sometimes the seizures might occur as a result of the umbilical cord strangling the baby during birth. If the doctor doesn’t detect and correct this, the baby will develop cerebral palsy, and this is considered medical negligence since it will have long-lasting concerns for the child.

Improper Use of Delivery Tools

In some cases, wrong and careless use of tools by the doctor and nurses represents medical negligence. This can cause cerebral palsy. For instance, improper use of forceps or vacuum extraction can harm the child.

Poor Care of the Mother and Baby

The role of the doctor is to provide proper medical care during the whole delivery process. At times, the condition of both the mother and the baby requires special attention. The doctor might have to opt for caesarian section, which, if not properly performed on time will act as negligence on the part of the doctor. Some of the signs to look out for include jaundice, which if improperly diagnosed represents medical negligence.

Filing a Lawsuit

Before you can file for compensation, you need to prove that any of these circumstances happened to cause cerebral palsy. This is where The Medical Negligence Experts come in. The role of these legal experts is to prove that the doctor has a case to answer and build up a case against the responsible party.

You can claim for compensation for psychological trauma that you suffer because of the delivery. You can also ask for compensation to be able to provide life-long care to your child. With proper legal representation, you can win the case for medical malpractice.

Conclusion: Don’t Wait Till It is Too Late

When you suspect malpractice that has caused cerebral palsy in your child, you shouldn’t hesitate. Consult with the right solicitor so that you can start the process of filing a claim. The solicitor will help you understand what the law stipulates regarding cerebral palsy due to birth injuries. Work closely with the solicitor to bring the responsible party to book.